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I woke up in the middle of the night right after creating this blog and contemplating what I had to contribute to the plant community in a way that no one else has. There is literally a billion options out there with people discussing their plants and how they care for them. I did not want to do that. The reason is because they clearly show you all of the good things about being a plant parent and none of the bad. It is very similar to parent blogs with all of their kids hair brushed and everyone wearing pants. I want to be real not cookie cutter perfect.
So here it is,me being real. Owning plants is sometimes a pain in the rear. From what I have experienced people just walk into a nursery and assume that since they look healthy they will thrive! If 100 people say its a low maintenance plant it must be true. LIES, I am the queen of killing easy, give me a dramatic plant and it will live forever, hand me a cactus and I will kill it. There are a lot of contributing factors that we just dont take into consideration when we buy with our heart instead of our head.

“Stella” the Fiddle Leaf Fig

“Parseltongue” Rattle Snake Calathea

I have decided I would start out by sharing the plants I have killed. Over the next few weeks I will share plants I have had to buy again because I had to yeet the originals out the back door into my yeet pile of shame. I will show pictures of the original as its falling to pieces and then I will buy a new one and try to keep it alive. If it dies you all will see me chuck it out my back patio. If it lives I will explain everything I have done to keep it alive and share if its a plant I will love it or yeet it( probably trade, no point in throwing out a plant I can swap). Pretty much the same concept of Love it or List it on HGTV. Love it or Yeet it post will also include information of the plant, what a ” good price” is and care tips of course! Let me make the mistakes so you can learn from me! Looking forward to our first Love it or Yeet it post I will begin working on. Please give me feedback, join me on my journey and don’t forget to


Flora Collector

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